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Jinan Sesame Blossom Food Co., Ltd

Jinan Sesame Blossom Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is located in the beautiful spring city of Jinan, with superior geographical location, convenient transportation and extensive logistics. The company mainly produces and sells selected white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, small mill sesame oil, peanut butter, sesame paste, roasted black sesame seeds, roasted white sesame seeds, roasted peanuts and other related products.


Peanuts and Sesame Chop

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Jinan Sesame Blossom Food Co., Ltd.

Telephone / fax : 86-0531 88805877
Mobile phone : 86 158-6528-3188
Mailbox : jnzmkh@163.com

Address: J3, Factory Building, Liancheng Smart Manufacturing Town, No. 19, Huanghe Street, Jibei Development Zone, Jiyang District, Jinan City, Shandong Province


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